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Little Green Wood Soft & Scrub Face Wipes Pack of 5 £7

These soft & scrub wipes are one of our favourite products. They’re a winning combination of 100% cotton towelling on one side and 100% organic fleece on the other. These wipes are definitely for you if you have more oily skin, or if you tend to wear heavy make-up. Use the towelling side for removing make-up or some lovely gentle exfoliation using either your regular cleanser, or more of a scrub for a really good clean, then use the fleece side for the more sensitive areas, or to apply toner.

If you’ve not yet made the switch from single use cotton wool or wet wipes, let me assure you these face wipes are extremely easy to use. Just dab a little of your favourite skin cleanser, whether that’s micellar water, make-up remover, coconut oil, a regular bottled cleanser or good old soap, wipe your face and when finished, stick the wipe in a washbag (available separately) and chuck the whole lot in the washing machine!

Important info
Each wipe measures approx. 7-8cm squared
There are 5 wipes in a pack
Wipes are not pre-washed, they may shrink a little
Wash used wipes sooner, rather than later to avoid permanent staining. There may be some discolouration over time
It’s better for the planet, and better for the wipes, to wash them at 30 degrees, then air dry, ready to use next time
Designs may vary from the image shown, but they are all lovely
Our wipes are square, rather than round to avoid unnecessary wastage (what happens to the corners of round wipes?) and to give you more wipe for your money!
The wipes are homemade, so the fabric is hand cut, secured on a sewing machine and finished by hand, so expect a little variation in size and shape



Little Green Wood Soft & Scrub Face Wipes Pack of 5


Red, Orange, brown/yellow

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