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Why choose our coffee? We are committed to serving nothing but the best coffee to our customers. All our coffee comes in as beans, sealed in resealable, breathable, 250g bags.
If you would like your beans to be ground, just let us know your preferred brewing method and we will do that for you free of charge and re-seal the bag. We can do the perfect grind for V60 / Pour over Mokka Pots Espresso Aeropress Cafetière Filter. All prices include 48 hours tracked delivery.

House Blend Our House Blend is a two bean specialty Arabica blend with washed Guatemala beans, grown in the tropical volcanic soils of tropical valleys, and pulped-natural Brazil coffees from Cerrado Minas Gerak. A medium-bodied espresso of soft acidity, with a maple syrup sweetness and hints of pecan. As a milk-based coffee, our coffee presents milk chocolate and toffee flavors. Body: 4/5 Sweetness: 4/5 Acidity:2/5

El Salvador El Salvador is very efficient in the growing of coffee with something like 20,000 producers and most coffee is shade grown on the western side of the country. Our coffee from El Salvador is grown on the foothills of the Santa Ana volcano. It has a spicy aroma with a marzipan like sweetness. Absolutely best suited as a filter coffee. Body: 3/5 Sweetness: 4/5 Acidity: 4/5

Rwanda Our coffee is from the Missouzi Co-Operative and is washed coffee from the Bourbon varietal. This is a fruity coffee and really well balanced. Beautiful hints of cranberries and just wonderfully sweet. Body: 3/5 Sweetness: 3/5 Acidity: 3/5

Ethiopia- grown very high up around 1700 to 2000 meters, this coffee has been harvested between October and December and is fully washed. Expect: Really funky and floral flavours: think of earl grey and whisky. Body 3/5 sweetness 3/5 acidity 4/5

Indonesia This Mandheling grade 1 dark coffee comes from the region north of the Banda Ache in Indonesia and is a washed coffee. Growing on the island of Sumatra you will find that this coffee has the aroma of tobacco. In the cup it delivers a heavy body with low acidity. Body:5/5 Sweetness: 2/5 Acidity: 2/5

Brazil. A beautiful coffee from the famous coffee growing region of Cerrado Minas Gerais. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee and sets the standards for the quality of growing, harvesting and processing of amazing coffee. Body: 4/5 Sweetness 4/5 Acidity 2/5

Guatemala Antigua Guatemala has been growing coffee since the 1850’s and is pone of the top producers in central America. Coffee from Guatemala are simply beautiful and one of our favourites here at Abda Ltd.



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